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Commercial and Residential Solar Systems Puerto Rico

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Commercial and Residential Solar Systems Carolina, Puerto Rico

Harness Power in Carolina, Puerto Rico is a renewable energy company that places focus on providing customers with a simple and positive experience. Our company was built on the belief that we could provide you with an unlimited energy source, coupled with exceptional customer service.

That belief has built Harness Power, and it continues to shine through everyone within our company. We have brought together a team of kind and trustworthy experts who do not skimp on integrity or character.

Solar Panels Puerto Rico

To provide you with the largest selection, we have partnered with the industry’s leading solar panel manufacturers. This allows us to give you exceptional products that will last for years to come. Solar panels are one of the most intricate parts of your system, so it is important to go with a panel that will suit all of your energy needs. 

Ground Mounts

At Harness Power, we give you all of your options when it comes to creating your solar system. Roof mounting is not always an option for some homes and properties. This is why we offer state of the art ground mounting solutions. No matter what type of structure you are dealing with, ground mounts can be a fantastic solution. Especially for those who are not short on space. If you do not want to change the aesthetics of your home or business, then ground mounting is a great choice. 

Solar Batteries Puerto Rico

When looking for a solar and battery storage solution we work with top innovators in the renewable energy industry. There will never be a need to shop around different places for the components of your solar system. Our solutions will allow you to enjoy clean, safe, and reliable backup power that will keep your electricity running during blackouts. 

TESLA PowerWall

TESLA PowerWall is one of the newest storage solutions on the market. It is designed to store energy, detect outages, and automatically generate electricity for your home when grid-tie power is out. PowerWall works without the need for maintenance. This system does not require fuel and runs quietly.

Sunrun Brightbox

Sunrun is the premier solution in Puerto Rico. The Brightbox Product joins solar power with a smart battery solution from TESLA to provide you with electricity. Brightbox is designed to save you money while providing a seamless automated system when stored energy needs to be used.

Puerto Rico Solar Financing

One of the most frustrating parts of investing in renewable energy is finding financial institutions that provide solar financing. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to bringing your solar projects to life. We partner with a variety of solar lenders, which provides you with the choices you need to suit your projects and lifestyle. 

Zero Down Solar

We work with financial institutions that offer $0 down solar system options. SunRun is our premier partner who can bring your dream of living a more sustainable lifestyle to reality. We streamline the process of working with solar lenders to ensure you are provided with options that suit your needs. Zero down solar simply means you can get started with your project without any delays. Plus, you will not have to pull funds from other areas to make your sustainable energy project come to life. 

Schedule A Consultation

If you live in the Carolina, Puerto Rico area and are ready to invest in a solar system, call us to set up a consultation. We offer a simple and positive experience that will have you enjoying your solar system in no time. Forget about having to wait for months for your system to be installed. Our team works quickly while allowing you to continue to do all the things that you love.

Lot 5-B1, La Cerámica Industrial Park,
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00983