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Solar Panel Installation

Commercial Solar Overview

Commercial solar power can provide huge benefits for business owners. Renewable energy is an investment that will last for years to come. Decreasing your carbon footprint as a corporation often creates a huge impact locally and globally. You will also gain favor in your client’s eyes for doing the right thing.

Here are some of the many benefits.

  • Huge return on your investment
  • Incentive programs
  • Increase the value of your business and property
  • Decrease operating cost
  • Improve brand with a “Green” image
  • Enhance local economy
  • Low maintenance with high reliability
  • Solar Panels Co-Generation (optional)
  • Battery Storage (optional) Consultation


Harness has access to dozens of different financing products. From Commercial Loans, PPAs, & Capital Leases, to Property-Assessed Financing, and even to grants for specific situations, we will often find a way to fund projects others cannot. Begin your journey with us to see what we can do by clicking on ‘Get Qualified Today.



At Harness, we use Solar technology as our main solution, but we are proficient at coupling co-generation, small or large-scale battery storage, and energy efficiency upgrades in our projects as well. Reach out today for a quote to uncover your specific needs.

Statement of Qualifications

Statement of Qualifications

We are proud to Partner with Watthub for their extensive coverage of Commercial Installations and Financing both domestically and internationally

An Easier Way Forward

An Easier Way Forward

At Harness we have developed systems to ensure quality and accuracy in the bidding process. Your Proposal will take a few days longer to generate than some competitors, but it will be worth the wait. This is due to our multi-tiered quality control system that forces us to undergo due diligence and provide the best possible scenario for your demand profile.

The Process

1. Usage History - We collect your interval data that identifies peak load demand.
2. Proposal - We create a best-case scenario Proposal and identify financing types you may pre-qualify for.
3. LOI - Once agreed upon, a Letter of Intent is signed confirming your intention to move forward.
4. Survey - We survey the property and review financials (typically 2-3 years of audited returns).
5. Contract - You sign a Final Agreement.
6. Engineering/Underwriting/Permitting - We then continue through the next steps of building and engineering a Solar system - Structural & Electrical Engineering, Financial Underwriting, Permitting & Plan Check, & Scheduling and Coordination with the City and Utility for Interconnection. We take you from start to finish with very little effort required from you.
7. Installation - Panels going up on your property, it's the best thing you’ll witness all year!
8. Inspection - The Authority having jurisdiction (City, Township, County) inspects the project for safety.
9. Permission to Operate - All parties have agreed the system is operable and ready to be turned on.