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Harness Power works only with Top Solar Industry Partners to ensure all of your needs are taken care of. From solar panel manufacturers to financial institutions, we can pair you with the best solution for your solar project.


Creating Solar Technology

Enphase revolutionized the solar industry with the creation of their microinverter technology allowing for sunlight to be turned into safe, reliable, resilient and a scalable source of power at a affordable cost.


World Changing Non-Profit

Our Solar Water Farm can provide access to clean water for up to 35,000 people every single day. See how it has already changed the lives of thousands of villagers in Kiunga, Kenya.


Project Financing Gurus

The new, simple way to offer your services on vetted commercial solar projects. Easily find the projects that are in your sweet spot and let the world know what you can do. Automatic emails on projects in your serviceable areas drive down soft costs of customer acquisition and marketing.


Automating Commissions And Finance

Concert financing is a financing company with the goal of equipping businesses and their customers with the tools to make the financing and commission stages of the process go by as smoothly as possible.


Backup Solar Battery Experts

Brightbox combines Sunrun’s solar power generation with a smart battery solution to provide energy control and savings.
Enjoy safe, clean, and reliable backup power to keep your family powering forward in the event of a blackout. Brightbox saves you money by seamlessly optimizing when a home uses electricity generates from solar, stored in the battery, or from the grid. Purchase or lease Brightbox from Sunrun today!

Bright Planet Solar

Solar Installation Experts

Delivering quick communicative and top notch quality installations, Bright Planet Solar  aims to deliver expedited speed and efficiency without losing quality & performance.